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Hi everyone! Today, I’ll be doing the “What’s In My Shower Tag” 🙂 I always look forward to this ritual because I find it to be such a calming and therapeutic time of the day. I love being submerged in a simple yet delightful cleansing experience as I yearn for that ‘fresh and clear’ feel I get every time I’m out of the shower.


1. Shampoo: I am currently using the L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shampoo.This bottle comes with a pump which I find to be super convenient for me to use. The reason why I love this shampoo is because it doesn’t dry my hair. In fact, it makes my hair feel like I just conditioned it after rinsing the product away!


2. Conditioner: Currently digging this TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner because it smells heavenly and my hair feels like seaweed after using this. Been a huge fan of this brand since ages ago and I really appreciate how this comes in a 900ml bottle including a pump! (sucker for bottles with pumps) 

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3. Shower Gel: Bought these babies (Philosophy Living Grace Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel & Philosophy Inner Grace Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel) not long ago because I couldn’t resist the scent. I mean just look at what the description says on the bottle! Makes me want to hop right in to the shower immediately! I have yet to try this on my hair yet though, i’m afraid it will dry my already brittle hair. Let me know in the comment section below if you have used this product on your hair 🙂


4. In Shower Conditioner: Occasionally, I like pampering my skin with this Nivea In Shower Conditioner rather than applying my regular lotion after shower. I’m amazed at how this has hydrated my skin. This applies onto your body without foam, just like lotion, and once you rinse it off, your skin will feel a lot more softer and does not give you that sticky sensation like a regular lotion does. I highly recommend you guys to try this product out if you haven’t!


5. Body Scrub: I got this Secret Garden Body Scrub from my cousin and I have been addicted to this product ever since! It really helps exfoliate my skin and I use this once or twice a week to really remove all my dead skin cells. It’s ingredients include walnuts, cucumbers and lavender. I’m not particularly fond of the scent though, just because it reminds me of a detergent which they use in a public toilet lol. But it gets the job done so I’m not going to complain 🙂


6. Hair Mask: The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment Hair Mask which I use every once a week really helps my hair stay smooth and manageable especially when I expose my hair to heat (daily heat from the sun, curling iron etc.) This is a must use in my shower routine and I cannot live without it!

 IMG_1629 IMG_1631

7. Face Cleanser: I like using the Clarisonic Deep Pore Daily Cleanser with my Clarisonic because it deep cleanses my face as I have really, oily skin. I have quite large pores near my nose area which might cause blemishes if I do not cleanse my face well and this prevents me from getting to that stage. I think this has helped me refined my pores just a tad bit.

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8. Scalp Care: Every once a week, I make sure to rub these serums onto my scalp. (L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Sensi Balance & Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy Serum) This helps nourish and calm my sensitive scalp and also leaves a ‘cooling’ sensation. Sometimes, my scalp tends to get dry and flaky (although i get oily hair) This may be caused by several factors such as hormonal imbalance, stressful lifestyle etc. I usually rub these in and leave it on for a good 15 minutes and then rinse the product off. If you have imbalanced scalp like mine, you can try these products out!

So that is all for today’s post and I hope you guys try these products out and let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you have tried it, let me know what the effects are towards your skin and hair as well, would love to hear it! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead. 



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    1. Yesss you gotta do this tag 🙂 clarisonic is awesome! there are a lot of brands out there which have something similar and is less expensive too 🙂 mhmm totally loving philosophy ❤ thank you for following!

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