ShellyShares: My Experience on Eyebrow Embroidery

Hey everyone! Hope all of ya’ll are doing well. I’m so excited to announce that this is a new segment on my blog which encompasses all sorts of beauty services that I will be reviewing in the future. Since I’ve been getting so many questions on my brows lately, I thought I would just go ahead and explain the entire thang and share my experience on eyebrow embroidery!


Got my brows done at E image Aesthetic located at Puchong and the style that I went for was called the ‘Floating’ Eyebrow Embroidery, also known as the 6D Eyebrow Embroidery. This technique makes the eyebrows look natural because it has hairlike strokes that mimic the brow hairs. Hence, it does not look like a typical ‘filled in’ brow; unnatural, harsh and bold. Instead, it looks soft, groomed and snatched (lol)


You can tell that my brows were sparse and thin af before. It looks messy and they were all over the place. I’ve been trying to grow them out for ages but so far, no luck. Then I discovered Eimage Aesthetic on Instagram and saw testimonials from customers as well as photos of their work. Gahdamn guys the brow transformation is unreal! To see what I mean, check out their page on Instagram here.

IMG_28651So the first thing that they do is outline the shape of the brows according to your liking; whether or not you want your brows to maintain its shape or make them slightly thicker, have them straight (korean style) or with an arch, it is completely up to you but of course, they would give their professional advice on what shape looks best for your face. From the photo, you can tell that my brow hairs are mostly missing at the tail.


Then, they apply numbing cream on your brows and leave it on for about 20 mintues so you won’t feel any sort of pain during the process. I slept through the entire thing when I first got my brows done. However, during the touchup session which was 2 weeks ago, I felt a little discomfort. I would say its on a scale of 4 – 0 being least painful and 10 being extremely painful.

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Once the numbing cream has worked its magic, they start drawing in the hairlike strokes on the brows.


This is what my brows look like once it’s done. I can now live my life, in peace.


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I’m really happy with the results because it looks so natural. This also makes it easier for me to fill them in because all I need to do is to follow the shape of my brows. Plus, it simplifies my daily makeup routine. I highly recommend that you try this place out if you’re thinking of getting your brows done. You can find them on their website here or their Facebook page here
Do not hesitate to comment down below if you have any questions at all. I’d be more than happy to answer them 🙂 Thank you for reading x



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