Current Skincare Routine


Hello! Today I’ll be sharing my current skincare routine which includes new products that I’ve been testing out and have been using religiously this past month. Some of these products were sent to me by the Loreal Paris Team (thank you so much guys!) However, I’m not paid to do this post. Oh and just for the record, my skin type is oily 🙂 

So the first thing I do is cleanse my face with the Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Hydrating Refreshing Creamy Foam. It claims to have mineral derivatives & hydrating serum in it which I find to be true because more often than not, when using a foam cleanser, my skin feels tight and a tad bit dry. This one doesn’t make my skin feel that way at all. 

It also says that you can remove makeup with it but I always remove my makeup with an oil cleanser. I love using this product with my trusty ol’ Clarisonic because it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and removes all impurities and dead skin cells.

Next up, I use the Loreal Hydrafresh Hydration + Antiox Active Spa Water as my toner. Unlike any other toner, the consistency of this product is thick, kind of like a diluted gel but does not leave the face feeling sticky. Love applying this all over my face and neck in finger tapping motions as it the product gets absorbed into the skin better.

Consequently, I apply my eye cream from Nivea Visage called Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle. I enjoy using this eye cream because it does not give me weird bumps around my eye area and it gets absorbed really quickly into the skin. An eye cream is essential for me to include in my skincare regime because of my lifestyle (I hardly get enough sleep) and because I’m already 23 this year (prevention is better than cure)

Next up, I use a serum from Bio Essence called Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum with ATP. There’s something about this serum that makes my skin feel much smoother the next day after applying it the night before. The consistency of this product isn’t thick and I love how it comes in a pump!

After serum, I apply the Loreal Hydrafresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask In Water Gel (for daytime) and Night Mask-In Jelly (for nighttime) It smells super fresh and fruity. Since it comes in a tub, I use a cotton swab to scoop out the product just to make sure the gel stays clean and germ-free. Unlike any other creams, this one does not feel too thick and heavy on the skin which I truly appreciate. 

Once or twice a week, I use this scrub from Tebe to exfoliate my face. It is made with pure olive leaf extract and smells like cocoa butter! This scrub works well on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. In addition, I also use this mask from Clarisonic called the Decongesting Clay Mask, What I love about clay masks is that it draws out all the impurities from the skin to the surface. Since I use makeup, I need something that effectively decongests my pores and this gets the job done. 

So that’s all for today and I hope you guys get a little insight on what I use on a daily basis for my skin. Let me know if you have tried these products out and whether or not they have benefited your skin! Thank you for reading 🙂



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