Swatch and Review: Lime Crime’s Velvetines

Hey everyone! So extremely excited to share this post with you make up lovers out there today. This post is about a review on Lime Crime’s Velvetines in the shade Wicked, Salem, Cashmere and Riot. Wicked has a deep red undertone while Salem lean towards the dark red brown undertone. Cashmere has a grey undertone with a hint of mauve and Riot, which is the latest addition to the collection, reminds me so much of the colour Marsala; which is the colour of the year. These are called ‘liquid lipsticks’ because they go on liquid but dries matte. This is insanely cool because you get more control during application and also you get to decide on how intense you want them to be on your lips. These types of lip products are so in trend right now! Brands like Nyx, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, Kat Von D (just to name a few) have already produced them for some time now. 


p.s I got these bad boys from an Instagram store called Outside KL

 IMG_1880 copy


IMG_1887 copy


IMG_1907 copy


IMG_1913 copy


My thoughts: These lip products just won’t seem to budge, at all! Pho real tho. It’s so long lasting that it almost can’t be removed with a make up remover! That might be a turn off for some people because the make up removing process should not be so time consuming. However, they are extremely pigmented and very easy to apply. They have a liquid texture but they are not sticky like the consistency of a lip gloss. It just glides on smoothly on your lips which is a plus point. I would recommend that you line your lips first before applying this product so you can get a more precise, even application, especially with a dark vampy colour like Wicked and Salem.

Should you try this product? Yes! This definitely tops all of my other vampy lipsticks just because they are so long lasting. I do not have to worry about touch ups (my other vampy lipsticks fade awfully throughout the day and I find it a hassle to constantly reapply my lipstick) 

Is it a must in your make up bag? If you’re into matte, long wearing make up, then absolutely yes. They have plenty of other shades to choose from and I’m pretty sure they will be releasing some new colours soon.

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4 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Lime Crime’s Velvetines

  1. I’m so glad I found this review, I planned to buy a velvetine in the color “Riot” and went through several reviews, but none of the person were either asian or had a similar skin tone to mine, gotta thank you for the great review, the velvetines look gorgeous on you, especially Riot and Wicked! Nice eye make up btw 🙂


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