Random: Get to Know Me Tag


Hey everyone! Thought I would spice things up a bit by doing this ‘get to know me’ tag! I think it’s about time that you guys get to know me a little bit more since you know, we’re friends now 😉

Do You Have a Middle Name?

Nope! My first name is Shelly and my last name is Tan. (Pronounced as ‘ton’) In my birth certificate my last name goes first and my first name goes last. So rightfully, it’s Tan Shelly, with no middle name. Eep.

What Was Your Favourite Subject in School?

Omg I loved Biology! Not only did I find the subject interesting, I was also willing to learn because of my teacher. She was an amazing role model because she was patient and kind.

What’s Your Favourite Drink?

I love iced lemon tea. And lemonade. Yum. Anything sour and sweet and cold. Gah.

What’s Your Favourite Song at the Moment?

For now it is all songs by an indie band called Teendaze. Holy shit I’m so in love with them. I love ambient music and this is my pick!


What Would You Name Your Children?

Haha. Do I really have to answer this question? 😡

Do You Participate in Any Sports?

Yes I do! I used to play tennis just for the fun of it. Does ballet count as a sport? 😀

What’s Your Favourite Book?

This is a hard one. I absolutely love self help books because I’m always trying to improve myself as a person mentally, emotionally and spiritually. ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson really helped me look at things in a different perspective and also made me understand that it is our choice, and our responsibility to be happy.

Favorite Color?

I love blue. black. yellow. green. grey. I’m bipolar like that. lol

What’s Your Favourite Animal?

I’m a dog person.

What’s Your Favorite Perfume?

Currently it’s Burberry’s Body. Smell’s so luxurious.

What’s Your Favourite Holiday?

Any holiday is my favourite holiday since yknow, a holiday is always a bonus.

Have You Graduated From High School?

Yep! I graduated from high school in 2009.

Have You Been Out of the Country?

I lived in Shanghai, China for a while. I’ve also been to Australia, Macau and Singapore. I really need to travel more.

Do You Speak Any Other Languages?

Besides English, I speak the Malay Language, and a little bit of Chinese. Just a liddo bit.

Do You Have Any Siblings?

Yeap. I have a beautiful older sister and her name is Sheareen.


What’s Your Favourite Store?

I know I’m being biased but it’s Majestic Unveil! And also, Topshop.

What’s Your Favourite Restaurant?

I’m more into local restaurants 🙂

Do You Like School?

It’s a love hate relationship kinda thang :/

Who Are Some of Your Favorite Youtubers?

Where do I even begin with this one! Okay, for beauty, I really love Desi Perkins, Claire Marshall, HollyAnnAeRee, Emily Noel, just to name a few. For fashion, it would be Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters, and yeah, Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters.

I died watching this. Dieddddd.

What Are Some of Your Favorite TV Shows?

Suits and Breaking Bad! 😀 I rarely watch TV Shows just because I don’t have the time to spare 😦

PC or Mac?

Used to use a PC but now I’m using the iMac. Yknow what they say, once you go Mac, you never go back. LOL.

How Tall Are You? 

160 cm tall 😦

Any Pets?

This is my husky. Her name is Elsa. Yes, Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.



3 thoughts on “Random: Get to Know Me Tag

  1. Ahhh Shelly we have some things in common! I also lived in Shanghai for a while. Which part did you live in? and I am borderline obsessed with Claire Marshall and jenn im. I love their videos! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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