Daytime Make Up: Contouring & Highlighting

IMG_1592 copyHello all! This post is about my day time make up routine which focuses mainly on contouring and highlighting! Products used for this tutorial were mentioned in my previous blogpost. Click here to view it!


First and foremost, I highlight the center of my forehead, bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, chin and also my cheekbones like so just to bring attention to the center of my face.

IMG_1571 IMG_1572IMG_1573 IMG_1576IMG_1574 copy

Consequently, I contour my cheekbones using the matte bronzer from Sleek Face Form Palette. I start by placing the Zoeva 109/Luxe Face Paint right above my ear and angling it towards my mouth. Then, I wiggle the brush in an up and down motion to blend the harsh line, giving the effect of a obvious yet seamless contour. I then proceed to contour my temples and my jawbone to make my face appear slimmer.



Moving on, I used the Zoeva 227/Luxe Soft Definer brush because its flat and draws the contour line precisely and blends it out perfectly on my nose. Picking up some of the matte bronzer from my Sleek Face Form Palette, I start of by drawing a line from the beginning of my brows all the way down at the sides of my nose and then blending that line out.

IMG_1582 copyIMG_1584IMG_1585

After contouring, I went ahead and apply blush with the blush brush from Ecotools. Absolutely love how this colour gave me a healthy glow to my look! It’s not too shimmery so its appropriate for a daytime look. Note that all blush colours vary on skin depending on skin tone.

IMG_1586IMG_1587IMG_1588IMG_1589Last but not least, I highlighted the tops of my cheeks with a Sigma Tapered Kabuki-F86. This brush is perfect for highlighting because it has a sharp end which applies products precisely where you want it. I applied the highlighter on the bridge of my nose, centre of my chin and my cupids bow to complete my entire look!


That’s the finished look for my daytime highlighting and contouring routine! Hope this post may give you a rough guide on how to contour your face. If you have any questions, kindly submit them in the comment section below and i’ll be more than happy to help. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day ahead xx



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